Mostly Primal Eating brief intro

Are you new to Primal Eating?  Well, you’re not alone.  Luckily, there are many resources available online and in the bookstore that will help you get started.  Assuming you, the busy adult, don’t have time to spend the next few months studying the literature, here’s some basic guidelines to start with:

The following foods are primal and are fair game:

Meats, poultry, fish, eggs





Remember, the meats must be grass-fed/pasture raised.  The poultry must be organic and free of any steroids and antibiotics.  ‘Why’, you may ask.  Well, that’s because nature intended it that way.  This might seem like a lot of information right now but, trust me, it’s very easy to look for in the grocery store.

One rule of thumb to remember is that grocery stores normally place all the fresh, organic foods and produce on the outer, perimeter aisles.  Most of the processed foods you should try to avoid are normally stocked in the inner aisles.  For now, start off with these simple guidelines and educate yourself on primal eating if you have a spare minute during the day.

Okay!  So now you’re probably wondering, “ Why Mostly Primal”?

Well, if you look on any primal food pyramid, you won’t find any grains, breads, or pastas….You won’t even find legumes.  Although the Primal or paleo people have their theories for excluding these foods, the Mostly Primal Eating says, GO For it!

For example a bowl of Brown Rice and black beans is not Primal.  But since it’s really healthy for you, it’s not excluded from Mostly Primal Eating.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Mostly Primal Eating is basically cutting out all processed foods and artificial ingredients.  It’s not as restrictive as the Primal diet but it does require a little bit of control from your part.  So, try it out.  You have nothing to lose….except maybe for a few pounds.




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