Healthy food shopping. Simplified.

So, you want to make healthy choices in the grocery store.  Where do you start?  It’s really overwhelming in the grocery store sometimes.  But wait, a lot of the grocery stores have made recent additions with “healthy/organic” sections.  Is this where you should go?  Probably not.

If you want to buy the healthiest foods, stay away from anything that says “diet” or “sugar-free”.  Your best bet is staying in the outer aisles.  The outer aisles is usually where most grocery stores stock the fresh produce and meats.  These are the bulk of the foods you should opt for.  Make sure the fruits and vegetables you buy are fresh, whole, and preferably organic. One more thing, never buy fruits that come in a can or a box.  These are the types of fruit and veggie products you’ll normally find within the grocery aisles.  Just stay away!  If you follow these simple guidelines, buying fruits and vegetables can’t get any easier.

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