Grocery shopping tips

At the grocery store, the Mostly Primal way. Hi, I’m Juan. So you’ve decided you want to try the whole primal thing. Well, I’m going to show you exactly how to do groceries the Mostly Primal way. Consider it, healthy choices in the grocery store.

Now, grocery shopping probably seems as easy as riding a bicycle for most people. But, if you want to do it the healthy way, I’m going to show you how in about 3 minutes.

Now, when you walk into a grocery store, you’re normally greeted by fruits and vegetables. Now the outer aisles of grocery stores are normally where they stock the freshest foods. This is where you want to buy your fruits and vegetables. Make sure they’re fresh. Makes sure they’re wholesome and preferably organic. As long as you’re buying your fruits and vegetables from the fresh produce section, you should be good. Now with that said, you want to stay away from the inner aisles that stock all the boxed fruits and vegetables. You don’t want to buy fruits and vegetables that have plenty of additives or preservatives added to them or added sugars. Stay away from those. As long as it’s not boxed up or in a can you should be good.

Now, you’re done with the fruits and vegetables. Now moving on to the outer perimeter of the store, this is probably where you’re going to find your meats. These are the meats you want to buy; the frozen meats. Now, make sure the meats are as minimally processed as possible. Now what does this mean? Look at the ingredients. Look at the labels ladies and gentlemen. You want to make sure that they’re grass fed or pasture raised. You want to eat animals that were fed with a diet that they were intended to eat naturally. As far as the chicken, read the label. You want to make sure the chicken is minimally processed. You want to make sure that it has no added steroids, hormones, anti-biotics, so on and so forth. Read the labels and that will make you a smart shopper.

Now, you got your fruits and vegetables, you got your meats. What are we missing? Of course, something to drink. Water, believe it or not, is a super-food. You should stick with water. If you want something with flavor, well eat a fruit, eat an orange. Now, stay away from the soda aisle. The soda aisle is just full of beverages all colors of the rainbow which have a bunch of sugar. You don’t need all these empty calories. This is how you gain weight. The weight you don’t want. So, as long as you stick with water, you should be good. And if you want milk, milk has the vitamin D, the calcium, and the other vitamins and minerals you may want. This is fine. Stick with fat-free milk if you don’t want the fat. Now, if you’re lactose intolerant, try one of the replacements, the substitutes drinks. Like the almond and the soy milks. These are fortified with calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin E as well.

Now, to sum it all up, vegetables, like I said from the beginning, stay in the outer aisles. Stay in the outer aisle, this is where you’ll find the fresh foods. You want to make sure they’re fresh, organic, and whole.
Fruits, same rules apply. You want to make sure the fruits are fresh, organic, whole, and this is where you’ll find them, the outer aisles. Stay away from the canned fruits. Or the fruits that are transformed into things you can’t even pronounce. And stay away from the fruits that have a bunch of sugar and preservatives.

And then, here are the meats [summarized].

Alright, this is Juan and this was a quick tip on how to do groceries the Mostly Primal way.